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ASK Morning Lectures

An innovative event added to the agenda of ASK is morning lectures, which participants can go to before starting work in their respective working groups.

On Tuesday morning, we had the honour of having Roman Zinchenko, a believer in energy innovation, as a speaker and he discussed the topic: “The Paternalism Challenge: how paternalistic policy undermines energy security and how to break the toxic cycle.” Mr. Zinchenko is the co-founder of the network Greencubators, which aims to move the energy situation forward, and in his talk he emphasized the importance of hackers and young people for the exploration of new technologies, he criticized the paternalism system we live in and pushed for the citizens to fight for fair energy policies.

His criticism of the paternalism system was also a criticism of the monopoly of energy. He discussed how it has led to total reliance on the governments, who in turn postpone taking action, which has eroded innovation, limited market choice, led to a one-player game and to great imbalances in the system.

The second speaker we had was on Wednesday morning. Vasyl Myroshnychenko gave a lecture on “Information Security and Fighting Russian Propaganda”, which is a topic he is an expert in because he was heavily involved in the founding the Ukraine Crisis Media Center, and is still active within it.

In his lecture, he talked about the role the Ukrainian Crisis Media Centre has played since the crisis started and about the tools Russia uses to spread false and inaccurate information, examples of these being TV channels or the portrayal of Ukrainians in a negative light. He explained that the Ukraine Crisis Media Centre fights against the “information war” and communicates the truth to larger audiences.

Their employees publish constant press releases, engage pro-actively in other countries, cooperate with Ukrainian and international newspapers and hold talks and campaigns. They do all of this with their main aims always in their mind: to counter Russian narrative and to improve communication and policy making platforms in Ukraine.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the speakers for coming and inspiring us to take action and also thank all participants for taking part in the event.

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