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The first people to arrive were the officials, who we greeted in Kyiv on Friday, and who spent the entire weekend doing their training, which was hosted in Deloitte.

On Sunday, they were joined by the rest of the participants, who spent the evening together at the hotel at a casual event, in which some lovely appetizers were served and interactive activities were prepared by the organising team, while both participants and officials met each other and had time to talk.

However, it was on Monday morning that the Agora was opened by the Project Leaders and the President, who, before teambuilding, highlighted the aims of the event and what had inspired them to joining such a project. This opening and the teambulding were held in the National Sports Complex Olimpiyskiy, where the working groups will also gather.

In the evening there was an Opening Reception with violins playing in the background, great food and a splendid atmosphere. Amongst participants were a few guest speakers, such as the President of EYP Ukraine, Yegor Vlasenko, the Chairman of “Open Hearts Foundation,” Oleh Malkin, the Head of the KAS Office in Ukraine, Gabriele Baumann, and the Executive Director of the European Youth Parliament, Krista Simberg, who delivered speeches encouraging all participants to debate, find new perspectives and keep fighting.

The week is full of other exciting academic and evening activities, all of which will serve to broaden participants’ horizons and trigger debate and discussion. The participants are especially looking forward the following  innovative events:

Re:thinking security has begun.

Credits: Maria Shcherbak

Credits: Maria Shcherbak