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Dear young Europeans,

Cold War is over long time ago. The world of today is not black-and-white. It is diverse and utterly interconnected. Security is not an abstract word pronounced in dark corridors of governmental institutions anymore. If you have a cell phone, a computer, a credit card – it touches you. It concerns everyone. How can we assure fragile balance in this fast changing world? How do we get prepared to face new security challenges?

We believe it’s youth who will set the new security agenda in the 21 century. That’s why the International Forum of EYP-Ukraine “Agora on Security Kyiv” will strive to hack the old paradigms and rethink security for the better and more secure world. We invite you to ask questions, be critical and voice your ideas.

We look forward to welcoming you in our work on securing the future together!

Kseniia Choni Ukraine

Kseniia Choni

Anna Suprunenko Ukraine

Anna Suprunenko

Join the adventure!

On behalf of the ASK Organisers Team,

Anya & Kseniia

ASK Project Managers


Dear fellow Europeans,

In these complex times, it is my pleasure to invite you to take part in the Agora on Security Kyiv 2014. Whilst security has been put back on the international agenda after 9/11 globally, Europe and the European Union have always been considered a safe haven. But not only the recent developments in Ukraine have shown that threats to national sovereignty and citizens are immanent possible. The aspects of security in Europe reach far beyond the physical borders of the states. Balancing out the interests of the people of Europe and securing a stable political framework is one of the major challenges for the future. With an ever more globalised populace, the role of national borders is at discussion.

The Agora on Security Policy Kyiv 2014 will provide an open forum that will allow the participants to analyse existing political patterns to ensure security, understand their flaws and advantages and see and develop future strategies for security collaboration. ASK aims at leaving an impact on its participants and beyond. Breaking old patterns, its final results will have a more strategic approach, trying to envision security from various perspectives.


Martin Hoffmann

I hope you will be there with us to shape a better Europe of the future!

Martin Hoffmann

ASK President