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About EYP



What is EYP

The EYP, which stands for European Youth Parliament, is a politically and religiously unbound non-profit organisation, which is designed specifically for the needs of the young European citizen. It was founded in 1987 as a project of a school in Fontainebleau (France) and later on has developed to become the biggest European thought-provoking and insightful event for the youth. The EYP encourages independent thinking and socio-political initiative in young people and facilitates the learning of crucial social and professional skills.

Thousands of active young people form the network of 37 National Committees of EYP, which makes EYP one of the largest European platforms for political debate, intercultural encounters, political educational work and the exchange of ideas among youth in Europe.


The aims of the European Youth Parliament are to:

  • Raise awareness of European issues, encourage active European citizenship and motivate students to get engaged in European politics.
  • Promote international understanding, intercultural dialogue and diversity of ideas and practices.
  • Provide a unique platform for open debates on political, economic, social, cultural and other issues both European and world levels.
  • Contribute to the personal skills development of European youth.

The EYP involves well over 20 000 young people at more than 120 regional, national and international events through 37 national organisations every year.

EYP in Ukraine

The European Youth Parliament – Ukraine is one of 36 national committees of the European Youth Parliament International, having joined the network in the year of 2002. De facto, EYP-Ukraine has been successfully operating in Ukraine since 2000, involving young Ukrainians in activities of one of the largest European platforms for debate, intercultural encounters, educational work and exchange of ideas among young Europeans. Annually EYP-Ukraine conducts a National Session selecting delegations to represent Ukraine at EYP international and regional sessions in Europe, as well as regional sessions in Ukrainian cities and other youth projects

We offer young people between 16 and 22 years of age the opportunity to express their opinion concerning European political topics. Being an independent non-profit organisation, we give young people of Ukraine the possibility to exchange their ideas concerning the present and the future of the Europe and Ukraine particularly. Each year, EYP Ukraine organizes more 12 mini-sessions, 1 National Selection Conference , 1 International Forum, 1 regional sessions, 1 InterRail Project (which lasts for 7 days and covers 15 cities) more and numerous amount of speaking clubs, workshops, etc.  All in all, we manage to involve more than 1000 young volunteers a year, giving Ukrainian youth an opportunity to exchange their ideas with the representatives of different countries and cultures, improve their language and communication skills, and tackle different political, economic, social and other problems that the EU is currently facing.