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Overview of the Agora Programme

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Moderators Academic Training (MAT) Conducted several weeks prior to the Forum (for ASK it took place in Berlin, September 19-21, 2014), MAT is aimed to provide an international team of moderators with an opportunity to get better acquainted and to prepare their topics in more depth. Following intense discussions on their topic questions, they plan topic overviews for the participants and begin to draft the academic preparation kit which is eventually sent out to delegates.

Teambuilding On the first day of the forum students from all over Europe get together in multinational groups. These people coming from different backgrounds and having never met before need to function as a close-knit team pulling together and respecting each other by the end of the week. The preparation for this challenge is the aim of the teambuilding activities. With assistance of the moderators, the participants of the working groups engage in a variety of indoor and outdoor exercises to become an integrated team.

Opening Ceremony Like any parliamentary session, there are formal ceremonies to mark the opening of the event. Opening Ceremony will be an official evening event in a format of diplomatic reception where distinguished guests and partners, who have made the forum happen get the chance to address the audience and for participants to interact.

Working Groups

During the working groups, the participants will work on their Final Report of their topic dimension. The Working Groups will be facilitated by the moderators. At this stage participants share their opinions and engage in discussions on a certain topic.


The BarCamp offers a peer-format where each participant can host and run a workshop. Proposals can be handed in prior to the event or during the first days. Topics can be around security or any related issues that are of interest for the other participants. The format of the workshop is free.

Morning Lectures

During the voluntary morning lectures experts on the security and related fields will offer additional input for all participants. Next to the working groups, the morning lectures allow further expansion of knowledge and insights into topics not directly related to ones working group topic.

World Café 

This is an excellent opportunity for participants to exchange with experts in the field of security. In an open, mixed discussion format, specialists will engage in heated discussions with participants from all working groups about their working results.

Agora Symposium

Agora Symposium reunites all the participants of the forum to consider the results of work in groups. Each working group presents their report. Afterwards the symposium allows an open space format for exchange on the results of the working groups.

The second part of the Symposium is the point when the participants will finalise their Final Reports on their topic dimension. It allows final discussions. Whilst the first day was focused on the overall document, this is only concerning the ‘avis’ of the final reports – the concrete proposals of the working groups.

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Ukrainian Night

This will be the evening dedicated to introducing the participants to Ukrainian culture in all its shapes, sounds, tastes and impressions.


This is a formal evening event where participants are invited to present their creative talents in singing, playing a musical instrument, dancing or any other type of performance. Each participant may come up with individual or group performance and even read a poem.


At this event every European country gets the chance to present its culture and cuisine. The presentation tables usually include a variety of local food and beverages, brochures, small souvenirs and other products. Quite often, a delegation also wears their respective national costumes to make the event a colourful celebration of European diversity.

Evening Activities Like all young people, the participants of an EYP session value the chance to relax from the very demanding pace of the session and the evening programme is designed particularly for this. That is not to say that it does not continue the emphasis of the other elements of the session, providing delegates with a unique opportunity to learn about each other and the diversity of our continent in general.